What Is CATA

CATA – The Canadian Art Therapy Association is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1977 by Dr. Martin A Fischer to promote the profession of art therapy in Canada. We aim to maintain national standards of training, practice and supports and administers professional registration, promoting registration and publication.

How Does It Work?

Use the creative process of art-making and client-reflection to improve and enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being of individuals.

The Creative Process

The creative process effectively aids in coping with illness, stress and trauma, resolving conflicts and problems , developing interpersonal and social skills, managing emotions and behavior, treating developmental or psychological impairment achieving insight and increasing self-esteem.

An Art Therapy Success Story


David from Reparations electromenagers D&D used art therapy find his full potential. Not so long ago, David was lost and was looking for a way out. He met a lady from the Art Therapy credential board and his life completely changed. David worked for an appliance repair company in Gatineau and quickly decided to think bigger. That is when he decided to create his own business. He is now running a big business that repairs dryers, washers, fridges, refrigerator and much more. He now hired 3 new employees to cover the entire Gatineau territory. (Gatineau is a city near Ottawa that is considered a part of the greater capital area). His company now grew to Buckingham, Chelsea, Cantley, Aylmer and he is offering appliance fixing to hundreds of households every year. We are very proud of David and we are very grateful of his implication in the art therapy community. David made a 1000$ donation.

David de Réparations électromenagers D&D a trouvé son plein potentiel avec la thérapie artistique. David était perdu et cherchait un moyen de se sortir de sa situation. Il a rencontré une dame dans le cadre de l’association de la thérapie d’art. C’est ainsi qu’il décida de créer sa propre entreprise de réparation d’électroménagers. David travaillait anciennement pour entreprise de la sorte et avait déjà reçu ses certifications recquises. Il travaille maintenant à réparer des laveuses, sécheuses, frigidaires et tout autre appareils électroménagers à la maison. Il a maintenant engagé trois nouveaux employés pour couvrir l’entireté du secteur de Gatineau (Gatineau est dans la grande région de la capitale), ce qui inclue Buckingham, Cantley, Chelsea, Aylmer, etc. Bref, D&D est le meilleur en reparation electromenager Gatineau. Vous pouvez les appeler au 819-410-2739

Nous tenons à remercier David pour son don de 1000$.